Friday, July 9, 2010


I recently read my dad's latest copy of American Rifleman and saw an article on some new offerings from Taurus.

First off, I have to admit that I think the circuit judge is kind of neat. Couldn't tell you why though. I think the super long cylinder looks out of proportion on a revolver, but not so bad on a long gun. If it was in 20 or 12 gauge I'd be all over it, and am still curious anyway, despite having absolutely no need for a .410. Not because I think it is in any way better than a pump, but because of a Louis Lamour book I read a long time ago where the hero had an old Colt's revolving shotgun. SO anyway, I think Taurus probably has a product here that will continue the succes they are having with the judge line.

Next, also on the non-negative side of things, the ranch hand is a mare's leg. Which I want to have one of these days, even though it combines the drawbacks of both a rifle and a handgun. It's cool. As I asked before, who has ever been cooler than Steve McQueen?

That's the end of the good. Taurus/Rossi, sensing the demand of an untapped market, has decided to bring us...a Marlin 336 and a NEF Handi-rifle. Seriously. A Winchester 94 might make sense. Winchester stopped making them. But a Marlin? They're still in the business of making those new. Pawn shop gun racks are full of them. It's not hard to find the genuine article. I'll admit, there are improvements that can be made to the basic marlin product, but does anybody really think Taurus/Rossi/Brastec/WhoCares is really going to do it? Assuming they aren't, I don't get this at all. And a handi-rifle? I bought mine for something like a hundred and thirty bucks and am pretty happy with the bang for the buck there. Is there really so much demand that the folks at NEF can't meet it? Isn't NEF owned by Marlin these days? Does this make sense to anybody?

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