Sunday, October 25, 2009

Wish List: Updates

Stealing a page from New Jovian Thunderbolt's playbook, I'm going to set up a list of my own, so that I can keep track of things.

The "If God Himself smiles upon me" List
1. Old Colt SAA- I have a wonderful Great-Uncle, and somewhere in his garage he has my Great-great-grandfather's .38 Colt SAA. It was acquired in old Fort Concho a long time ago. I'd give a kidney for it.

2. 1895 Carbine in .30-40 - In my wildest dreams, I befriend somebody who then introduces me to somebody else, and somehow I get my hands on an 1895 carbine that their great grandaddy carried as a Ranger working with Captain Hughes along the border.

"Stuff I can Get" List

1. Tanker Garand in .308- This can happen. Fulton Armory will sell it to me. Just a matter of money.

2. SIG p238- If you're going to carry a mouse gun, what would be cooler than this one?

3. CZ 97- I don't know if it's the smooth lines, if it's the Jeff Cooper connection, or just the .45 factor, but I want one.

4. Remington 600 in 6mm or .350 Rem Mag- It really doesn't fill and particular hole in my inventory, but once again, it's cool, and what if I need to hand somebody a fairly heavy rifle to back me up hunting chupacabra? Well aimed .45-70 and .350 Rem Mag fire ought to stop one.

5. Remington 750/7500/760/7600 Carbine- .30-06, .35 Whelen, even .308. One of the short barrelled pump or semi auto carbines would be fun to have.

6. 1897 Trench Gun- Nothing says "You're in the wrong house" better than looking down a 12 gauge with an fixed bayonet. A Model 11 riot gun would run a close second.

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  1. Sig's on my list too, even though I already own a P3AT...

    Of course, that presupposes it makes it to the MA-Approved Firearms Roster {spit}...