Monday, October 26, 2009

Immigration Reform

A group of police leaders from across the country have expressed their views on "immigration reform."

I'm a fan of limited government, and limited laws. That being said, one of the few roles I expect out of the .gov is to defend/control the borders. I know it's a tough job. I know there's a lot of border. That's why I pay taxes. Go ahead and change Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms into a 24 hour convenience store, that will free up a lot of budget and a lot of people with law enforcement goals to do something useful.

I don't know if that's the issue though. Whenever things like this come up, I hear whispers about not angering the minority vote. I hear about what productive members of society the illegal aliens make. I don't live in Arlington or Iowa. Maybe things are different there. Where I live, the minority vote would be glad to get rid of the aliens. The guys I know and work with, who are actual productive, tax (over)paying citizens, think that the aliens give them a bad name and don't like them. There's actually some a lot of hostility there. So if I'm choosing on the basis of votes, I'd side with the legal citizen, not the guy who can't legally vote. Ship 'em home. If they want to be Americans, they can immigrate. This is a law I don't want ignored.

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