Monday, October 5, 2009


The factory sights are the one major complaint I have about my new-to-me SIG 556. So, I just ordered a Midwest Industries front sight for the 556, along with a Troy folding rear sight. Picked up a few of the newly priced black PMAGs while I was on the Brownells website.

I'm really leaning towards an ACOG. I'd like a 3.5x35 with a green chevron reticle, but I know where I can get a display model 3.5x35 with the red donut of death for five hundred bucks less. I'm a big fan of the chevron reticle on my dad's FNAR. I'm not sure what sort of precision you can get with the donut, but for that price maybe the SIG doesn't need that much precision to fill it's role.

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