Wednesday, October 28, 2009

But it's for the children!

One of the current issues up for vote around here involves issuing bonds to pay for soccer fields. For the children. Because the current soccer fields aren't good enough, and besides that, are too far from the trendy southwest part of town where the most vocal soccer playing families live. For the children. So we can teach them that beggars can, in fact, be choosers. Did I mention that it's all for the children?

What gets me the most about it is how so many other wise respectable people believe it is alright to take money from others simply because it's for something they want, and because some other people of their acquaintance want it too. Other people have thought that same way, only they had the guts to do the dirty work themselves, and the honesty not to try and hide their motives behind some feel good catch phrase. Of course, history is full of common people of who tried it without getting their hands dirty. In their defense, I will say that those supporting the bond are unlikely to have a flaming, gas soaked tire put around my neck just for opposing them. Still, in this light, there is more to respect in the act of lurking in a dark alley to rob people at gunpoint than in using a ballot to send others to commit the act, at no risk to yourself, without the honesty to call your theft what it is. Theft by proxy may let you keep your hands clean and your conscience clear, but it is just as despicable.

The other thing that gets me about the whole thing is all the talk of community benefits. Supposedly the fields are going to be a great source of revenue for area restaurants and hotels. That's great, you know what else would benefit them? If I kept more of my taxes and went out to eat more often. That's what they call a win-win situation. Oh wait, I forgot, wouldn't be for the children.

Nobody has yet explained to me why the soccer fans can't pay for the new fields themselves. Maybe with the gas money they'd save not driving those extra five miles? Are they going to help me foot the bill when I build my fortress and dig my moat? Doubtful. So why should I pay for what they want? Because that's exactly what it is, a want, not a need. I don't recall anything in the Constitution about the God given right to conveniently located soccer fields. Did I miss that part? If it's going to be such a gift to local businessmen, why not solicit investment from them? They're in the business of making money after all, surely a moneymaker such as this would be something they'd put money into, since it's all to help them. And the children.

Sadly, if the bond passes, it's just going to go to prove all those quotes about the tyranny of the majority, bread and circuses, and democracies only living until they realize they can vote themselves money out of the public fund.

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