Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Gettin' the last word

Today at work my brother and I were having one of our friendly discussions. This one happened to be about foresight. As in “Hey dummy, shouldn’t you look at the plans before we start swinging iron up there? Think ahead, you know, show some foresight.”

“I’ve got foresight, you’re here and you look at plans and stuff.” With that he turned to walk off.

“That’s not foresight, that’s a lack of foresight. We ought to talk about this”

“Why don’t we talk about the lack of me about to (pick a colorful euphemism for hiding a boot in somebody else’s anatomy)?”

“Saying 'lack of' means it ain’t happenin’ because you know you can’t get it done.”

He didn’t have anything else to say, but he did freeze for about half a second mid step. Long enough to pull his foot out of his mouth and stick a finger up over his shoulder.

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