Monday, February 8, 2010

Quote of The Day

I missed most of the Super Bowl driving back to town last night, but George, the Mad Ogre himself, watched the game and saw the commercials. He had this to say about some hippy car commercial.
Green doesn't sell except to Liberals and Liberals only want to drive Priuses and Subaru Outbacks. Ford needs to come out with a counter Campaign. BLACK and RED... Because those sell cars. Talk to Car Guys, and they will, in short order, talk about Performance Cars... and you ask them what color... Black or Red. Crank up some AC-DC playing Back in Black with the image of the new Mustang GT (with some new factory independent rear suspension) power sliding across the screen leaving a cloud of smoke... with the tag line “Let the Hippies buy more Carbon Credits” as the car roars off into the distance. Tell me that wouldn't sell some cars. Audi and Toyota can be as Green as they want... American Car Makers need to do what they do best – Being BadAss. Because that's what sells American Car.


  1. If the Dodge Charger commercial had been just the last 15 seconds or so they could have splashed, "Let the Hippies buy more Carbon Credits." and had a perfect commercial.

    Instead they had a bunch of guys who had misplaced their balls for 45 seconds.

  2. Haven't seen that one yet either, but I can imagine. Most modern commercials feature either men without balls, or caricatures of men.