Monday, January 18, 2010

Get over it

A man was shot today in my fair town. As I understand it, the bullet receptacle was attempting to enter a home through the back door and the homeowner shot him with a shotgun. There has been a surprising amount of hand wringing and second guessing. Part of this may be because some of the shot entered the guy's back.

Oh my gosh, surely the misbegotten lad was only trying to check the home for unsafe radon levels when the bloodthirsty guy shot him. What was he doing at home during the day anyway, shouldn't he have been at work like a responsible person? Obviously he had some sort of nefarious reason to be home. Probably set everything up so he could ambush a boy scout.

Cry me a river. Life stops being a cowboy movie at the point where somebody makes the decision to forcefully enter another person's home. Somebody turning around could very well be reaching for a gun. Anybody breaking into your home has forsaken their right to a showdown at noon.

Life isn't perfect. Bad things happen. We all pay the price for our decisions. Don't decide to let yourslf become a victim.

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  1. Agreed whole heartedly. A liberal acquaintance (really an ex girlfriend's sister) of mine recently made the comment how the key holders of society are christian republican white heterosexual males, and there is no real equality. My response was it is because most of the above are also gun owners, so when people try to "force equality" on us through, I dunno, taking our things, we shoot them.

    Word verification: firom. I used my firom to protect mah stuff.