Monday, January 11, 2010

Humanity and sub-humans

There is some fundamental aspect missing in the character of somebody who will dump a sick or injured dog to slowly starve or freeze in the cold. If you have a short attention span, don't get a dog. If you don't want it anymore, if you can't take care of it for whatever reason, shoot it or put it down. Take it to the pound. Find it a new home. Be an adult human being and take responsibility. It is a dog. Don't kid yourself. If you dump it there's maybe a one percent chance of somebody taking it in, and an eighty percent chance that it dies slowly, alone and scared. Nineteen percent chance that it becomes somebody else's problem and they have to shoot it for chasing livestock.

It's a dog. Humans domesticated its ancestors thousands of years ago. It depends on humans to be responsible for it. If your humanity isn't dependable, don't get a dog.

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  1. You're right Keith, people should take responsibility for their pets. A cat or dog abandoned in the country around our farm is actually more likely to be a meal for the coyotes before somebody will find it to take it in.