Monday, April 12, 2010


I may have mentioned a while back that I had acquired a Remington 7600 carbine in .30-06. It's quick to the shoulder and accurate, I'm a big fan. The only question as been as to the best way to aim it. I considered a peep sight, but decided some sort of scope was in order to take advantage of the fact that it's .30-06 and not .30-30 or .45-70. I've been waffling back and forth on what to put on it. A Trijicon AccuPoint 1-4x24 30mm seems perfect. Most of the time when I need a rifle quickly it's almost dark. I've had a little trouble convincing myself to put one on a $400 rifle, but finally made up my mind yesterday. While I was at it I decided to go with the Trijicon rings that are made for the scope. Seemed like a good idea. Except they seem to be back ordered everywhere. Anyway, I'm excited to see how it all works out.

For my Buy a Gun Day purchase I've decided to find a Ruger .44 carbine. I'm curious to see if maybe it's possible to extend the magazine tube on one of the older ones. There's bound to be a way to adapt a tube from a Marlin or Winchester lever gun onto it and hold more than four rounds. That leaves the question of how to aim the thing. My dad's camp .45 has inspired this purchase, and I'm a big fan of the Trijicon RMR reflex sight on it. Now I've just got to decide if I want the same thing, or maybe something different. Decisions decisions.


  1. Outside of my .338 Garand (cos it cost so dang much to do), Most of my rifles that wear optics have optics worth more than the rifle. I recently got a SIG 522 to play with and my friend teased me about putting an ACOG worth 1600 bucks on a $400 .22LR stupid overpriced silly rabbit gun. As for mags, I don't see any reason a larger capacity version couldn't be made or adapted. Armalon and Cotswold Arms in the UK have done some conversions that use modified Desert Eagle pistol magazines, too.

    FWIW, I scoped my .30-40 and have scoped .30-30s and .45-70s and it was worth bothering doing. Quick detach rings on two of them so if it's dark you can pop the scope out of the way and I did one with high mounts so you could see the irons underneath the scope and the front sight isn't in the way, if need be, but that didn't make me as happy as the quick detatchers.

  2. Out of curiosity, what sort of scope is right for a .338 Garand?

  3. Leupld Vari-X III 3.5-10x40 and it usually lives on 3.5-6X. One with good eye relief, would be the alternate answer says the lad that put a 8X IOR on it with minimal eye relief with an extra scar around his right eye to go with some older ones when he wasn't thinking :-)

    I like Leupold one piece base quick detach cam-lock ring set up as they return to zero and are affordable...I really like .338WinMag as it's like .375H&H, can be loaded up and down for anything that walks the earth. I have my friend that is lead gunsmith at McBride's of Austin high endy .375H&H loading gear and factory crimp dies and brass and such because he went "whole hog" on .338WM and .223 for everything he hunts that doesn't involve a shotgun or a fishing pole and I didn't have one yet and I had 4 .375s at the time..

    McCann Garand was a happy accident. I found a guy with a project he wasn't interested anymore and got it for a song, compared to a new immaculate McCann, which it is, he'd shot one elk with it. Fellow wanted to buy something else to tinker on and he was short of cash for the other project. Still wasn't cheap though. I'm gonna do one in .458WinMag when I get around to it, was gonna do Lott but it would be unwise to open up the receiver for the longer cartridge for structural reasons to minimal gain.