Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Life happens

The other day I had lunch at a Hawaiian barbeque place I like. A family of three came in the door as I was ordering. I paid, stepped back from the counter, and stepped right onto their three year old boy. He was stealthy like a ninja, but at this stage I must say he lacks the ninja's speedy reflexes.

Later that day I came home from work and opened the back door to let the dogs in. Cob entered, but their was no Gus. I called a couple times and then he came scurrying in from the alley through a hole in the fence. I replaced the pickets and then, out of curiosity, went out to track his adventures in the alley (I'm no Kit Carson, it rained a lot last week so it was easy to follow him in the mud). As far as I can tell, he spent most of his great adventure coming and going through the hole. At some point he went south a few houses, until big dogs barked at him and he realized he was alone, then ran back to the yard. Then he went west most of the length of the alley, until dogs on both sides of the alley barked. Also, their is a duck that spends a lot of time in the alley. Tracks and other evidence were everywhere. I never would have guessed.

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