Saturday, May 1, 2010


My .45 Colt model 625 really loves Winchester Silvertips, as does my two inch Lew Horton 625. They're getting harder to come by though, so I was excited to come across this while doing some Midway window shopping earlier.

Mostly I think it's cool that it's even being offered. Look at the other choices in Winchester's Supreme Elite line-up. Except for good 'ol .45 Colt those are all either service pistol rounds or pocket pistol rounds. In all of the latest news about such and such agency switching to such and such caliber or manufacturer, I don't recall anybody adopting Ruger Vaqueros as their standard sidearm. Check out the bullet weights, they aren't just loading their .45 acp bullet into a .45 Colt case. Maybe there is more demand than I realized from SASS shooters for a home defense round.

There was one thing that really surprised me though. No mention of a loading in .357 mag. There may be a few Rangers or Sheriffs wearing Peacemakers to barbeques or in court, but I'd be willing to bet there are even more model 66's still being worn on duty every day. I'd also put money on there being more .357's sitting in dresser drawers than there are .45 Colts.

For whatever it's worth, I own both calibers, and I keep the 625 on the night stand. Even if I shot a .357 equally well, big and slow bothers my ears less than small and screaming.

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