Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Night Music

I was busy last week and missed out, so how about three songs this week? Let's go with some Pat Green songs that really aren't that old but seem like they are, "Songs About Texas," "Take Me Out to a Dancehall," and "Carry On." Eight or nine years ago I saw Pat every chance I had. Year before last he came to town with Willie Nelson and only did one of his old songs in among the Nashville stuff. I think the term sell out is stupid, I'm all for ambition and think his goals were admirable, but screw the rest of the world. Come on back to Texas and do things right. Everything you need to know about the rest of the country can be summed up by the fact that "Dancehall Dreamer" is one of the best songs I know of, but it's nowhere to be found on You Tube.

I started to go with a different video of this song where he told a funny story, but this version is more like the one that first lead me towards listening to good music.

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  1. hey - I remember when mainstream music had not screwed up Pat Green. I haven't seen a good performance from him in over 5 years.