Thursday, August 19, 2010

I'd search the trailer parks first

Escaped convicts are of course a menace. You should know that already. You should also know that, in this life, there are certain behavioral indicators that should raise red flags. One such indicator would be a yellow and primer '81 camaro sitting on blocks in the weeds behind a trailer. Another indicator would be inbreeding.

While Welch was visiting her fiance and cousin, McCluskey, at the Arizona State Prison in Kingman in June, a random search of Welch and her vehicle turned up marijuana, heroin and drug paraphernalia

Despite this drawback keeping them from being accepted by polite society, Welch and McCluskey are still out there on the run, like a Stephen Hunter novel gone wrong. I wish there was a lesson to be learned here, but damned if I know what it is.


  1. Lesson 1: Stupid is as stupid does.

    Lesson 2: Nothing is truly idiot proof because, somewhere out there, is a bigger and better idiot.

    Lesson 3: Stupidity is compensable. It's the only explanation for why it hasn't been chlorinated out of the gene pool a long time ago.

  2. Whenever I ride around with weed, smack, and paraphenalia, I try to have a bunch of cash and speed too, and lots of guns. What a bunch of losers, worst slackers in the world? :-)

  3. When the family tree goes straight up, it doesn't take a whole lot to bring it down.