Saturday, December 5, 2009

Weekend Menaces

I'm not sure why it's been coming to everybody's attention this week, but a lot of people who belong in jail have been out menacing the public instead.

Most recently we have this guy in Maine, who the guards just happened to let out of maximum security prison. Understandable mistake, I do it myself all the time.

Yesterday, Rudy Garcia escaped while being transported in Hidalgo County, in deep South Texas, causing a school to be locked down. At about the same time, Michael Jones escaped and was found in South Carolina. A few days ago a guy escaped from a facility in Philadelphia. A couple days before that 21 year old James Fannin escaped in Missouri, but was captured soon afterward.

Violent offender Arcade Comeaux still on the loose in the Houston area. That's two in Texas, no wonder we're so ready to execute, they can't escape if they're dead. But hey, at least we have fences around our prisons.

Maurice Clemmons, who belonged in jail for life, was roaming free and crazy, allowing him to murder four Seattle peace officers. Not only did idiot pretend conservative Mike Huckabee pardon him nine years ago, but he was released from jail in Washington just a few days before the murders, despite pending felony charges.

I'm going to load up a few more PMAGs, order a few more Wilson 1911 magazines, and spend some time practicing emptying both of them this weekend. The world is a dangerous place.

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