Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Harry Reid Is An Idiot

Does he even realize what he is saying?

Trying to stall health care reform makes people the same as slavery supporters? Harry Reid is amazingly stupid. Last time I checked, the supporters of health care reform are the ones trying to deny freedom to other people. They're the ones trying to take away personal choice.

I had a guy called Porkchop who worked for me for a while. Pork didn't know his right from his left. Koko the gorilla and Balto the sled dog knew their right from their left, but not Porkchop. With that in mind, Harry Reid is the dumbest person I've ever heard of.

Doesn't he know that the members of the Confederacy didn't just use words to resist? He's talking about people who took up arms and left the Union for their beliefs. Sadly, I can only wish that the Republicans in Washington today would stick to their guns the way Southern Democrats did leading up to the War of Northern Aggression. The politicians who are allegedly on my side these days tend to give up to the socialists like a Frenchman when he hears a German accent.

Once again, Harry Reid is an idiot.

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