Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Good Guys

Via Tam, we learn of NYPD Sergeant Christopher Newsom, who managed to make four shots count when it mattered. We also learn a little more about the incident, and get an accurate biography of the criminal in question:
Martinez's brother told the News, "I don't know what happened. My brother is gone. He was a good guy. He was not evil," while Martinez's mother said, "I want justice... That was my beloved son. I want to know why the cop didn't shoot him in the leg or something." (She did admit to WABC 7 that she didn't know why he had a gun in Times Square.)

Sergeant Newsom didn't shoot him in the leg because that would have been a dereliction of duty. The thug was endangering lives with his behavior, and it was Newsom's job to stop it. Plus, REAL LIFE ISN'T A ROY ROGERS MOVIE. I'm sick and tired of people who believe something is easy because they saw Tom Cruise do it. You know what? Tom Cruise is about four foot tall. He can't reach a doorbell without special effects. Do you really want to base your knowledge of life on what he does on the silver screen? A leg is a much harder target than a torso, and a less reliable stop. The good Sergeant put a stop to the threat in exemplary fashion, and should be commended for staying cool under pressure. Martinez's family should keep their mouths shut until they come up with something worth listening to. Hopefully that will keep them quite and out of somebody else's hair.


  1. Let's challenge people who make those ridiculous statements.

    Let's challenge them to go to the range and make two attempts to shoot a target in the leg. First attempt will be standing still and the target not moving.

    The second attempt will be after running a couple hundred yards (simulate running/adrenaline dump), taking cover and the target moving at a run.

    Wonder what they will say after trying, especially if we put "bystander" targets around the "criminal".

    The shooting qualifications for a basic LEO in Texas aren't much different then they are for a CHL holder. I don't want to be around cops trying to play marksman like that.

  2. hell I wouldn't want to be around me if I had to try and shoot someone in the leg.

  3. Given the choice, I'd rather not be around anybody trying to shoot anybody's leg.

    On a semi related note, anybody ever seen "Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man"? The scene in the end where one of the Baldwins has a gun to Don Johnson's head, and Mickey Rourke is the only one around to save the day? I laugh every time.

    I like cheesy movies, so sue me.