Monday, August 3, 2009

Book Review: Foreign Enemies and Traitors

Matthew Bracken has finished the Enemies trilogy, and I think he saved the best stuff for last.

One of the things I enjoyed in the previous two novels was figuring out what real life figure was represented by various characters, and Foreign Enemies did not let me down in that regard. I also enjoyed when characters would have historical names, such as Leander McNelly and Basilio Ramos in Domestic Enemies, but then I'm a history dork.

There have been times when I've read a book and gotten a little tired of how convenient it is to find a hard core, gung ho special forces veteran. They're special for a reason, if every other guy walking down the street is a Green Berret, how special could the special forces really be? Bracken manages to walk the line though, and find them where it makes sense to find them.

Anyway, if you're reading this blog, then you really need to read the Enemies trilogy. Start at the beginning or skip to Foreign Enemies, it doesn't matter, but read 'em all

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