Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The serving class

This guy doesn't think you should need a picture id to vote, but wants to require them to attend his town hall meeting.

Pelosi and her friends have humbly lowered their standards.

Arlen Spector says he's not required to serve his constituents, he could be off playing golf after all. As if he's doing them a favor.

No, he isn't required to be a senator. He chose to run for the office. An office that serves the people. He volunteered to serve. It's not about frills and privileges. Serving is the privilege.

Being elected to serve does not make somebody into a demi god. It does not transform them into a superman.

Maybe it's time to remind them of that. I say put in servants doors on all government buildings.

On the other hand, Clarence Thomas ain't so bad.

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