Monday, August 17, 2009

Long awaited Python range report

I went again this weekend to help my grand dad with his cows. I know I had big plans for firing the first shots from the Python, but I ended up wearing my work clothes and shooting a stump. At 12 paces, about 30 feet for me, I managed a six shot group of less than an inch, single action. Certainly a more skilled shooter could manage something much better, but I'll take that until I can get better myself. I'm still working on my double action shooting (the k22 has been a big help), but I managed six shot groups of about 3 inches, with a flier(s) opening up what were otherwise good (for me) groups each time. I know somebody good could beat that badly, still, I'm very happy with the Colt. It gives me that much more incentive to improve.

As an added benifit, if the governor or somebody important ever invites me hog hunting (fat chance), I've got something nice enough for the occasion. Still need a real barbeque gun though. Maybe a four inch Python?

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