Monday, August 3, 2009

Range Report

As I mentioned the other day, I got some shiny new-to-me guns. I had a really busy weekend, and so didn't get to shoot the Python. Did I mention it's unfired at the moment? That's going to change soon, but I'm going to do it the right way, maybe put on my nice boots instead of my normal wedge sole Wolverines.

I have gotten to shoot the K22 though. It's a 4 inch Combat Masterpiece. When I told my brother that his immediate reply was "It's a .22, what are you going to combat? Elves?" That's beside the point though.

I'll skip the part where I talk about the craftsmanship, the arcane pins and recesses that make whippersnappers and glock shooters fall asleep. I won't boast on the trigger or the balance. Instead, I'll skip to the exciting part.

At best, I'm an ok shot. And only on a good day. Until now I've never taken a great interest in shooting double action. Part of the reason for getting the K22 was to work on that particular character flaw. I put out some water filled gatorade bottles and went to work. I noticed an orange lid and gave it a shot. I couldn't tell what happened so I tried again, only to have it disappear in the dirt. Afterwards, as I was cleaning up, I found it again, behind a big dirt clod, 16 paces from where I'd been shooting.

I'm going to lay that on the gun. It's a keeper.

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