Thursday, June 10, 2010


I had a wreck Sunday night. An uninsured girl in a westbound Dodge snuck past all the cars in the middle lanes and ran a light and, while making no attempt to stop or swerve, hit me in the right side, spinning my back end to the left as I continued northward. An innocent bystander of a mid size SUV was waiting in the oncoming turning lane. I knocked them one lane over and thirty feet backwards, and finally brought everything to a halt. Brakes don't work very well on barely attached axles, but on the other hand, trucks don't roll very well dragging axles sideways.

Side airbags are all well and good, but for pinballing through an intersection, I'll take 8,000 pounds of steel over a Prius any day.


  1. I'd have to say "snuck past" is an understatement. You don't knock an 8,000 lb vehicle into an SUV harder enough to shove the SUV one lane over and 30 feet back just sneaking. Sounds like the Dodge was moving along rather briskly in my professional opinion.

  2. Hope you're doing alright. I'd advise a trip to the chiropractor to get you straightened back out. Unfortunately, they don't straighten trucks out or you could make it a one stop deal.

  3. Hope that you are okay. Thoughts and prayers to you.

    Really hoping that you carried more then liability on your vehicle.

  4. That sucks.

    I 2nd the advice to get checked out. If you feel even neck or back stiffness you may have injuries from the crash that will come back to haunt you in 10 or 20 years.

  5. Thanks everybody. I was sore for a couple days but am feeling much better now.

    She snuck past the same way a blitzing linebacker sneaks past linemen. The speed limit on her road is fifty, and I'm sure she was doing at least that. The sneaky part was that traffic blocked her from my view until I was in the intersection. I was going fifty myself, and it was mostly my own momentum that hit the suv. She mainly just changed the direction I was pointed.