Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Following your dreams

I'd really like to take a drive up to Alaska and go grizzly bear hunting. It's been something I've wanted to do for at least half my life. So far, I haven't done so. I can remember times when I couldn't work up the nerve to ask out some girl I really liked. I've been to Montana and liked it, but haven't made it back that way.

Gary Brooks Faulkner, of Greeley, Colorado, has made multiple hunting trips to Pakistan in search of Osama bin Laden. While being on the organ donor list. I really don't have any excuse for not going to Alaska now. On the other hand, nobody is currently evaluating my mental health. As far as I know, anyway.

hat tip to The Horse Thief


  1. I wanted to go to Africa to hunt and even had friends from gunsmith college there for YEARS before I finally went. Wasn't until I got sick a few times and had to have some surgeries done on me and I reckoned I wasn't getting any younger.

    Gal analogy is good. As a long passed on friend of mine said to me when I was a couple decades younger about a gal I was keen on but was afraid to ask out: "If you don't ask her, she can't say yes and the odds are she isn't going to ask you."

    Alaska is beautiful, and well worth the trip. I'm jealous because my dad just got back from working at Eielson and I couldn't afford to figure out how to tag along.

    People thought I had a mental disorder when I decided going to Africa was a good way to spend vacation time, they all thought I was going to get killed or die of wild animals or disease, and I've done a pretty good job of risking both, but a lot of the people who won't go with on trips like that, you'll find socially later in life saying "God, why didn't I go there, do this, ask her out, etc?" If you go you don't have to wonder why you don't.

    My two cents, they ought to let that feller hunt OBL. What's the harm? He might find him and if he doesn't, what's the harm? :-)

    The fringes of the civilized world are exhilarating. Doesn't matter if it's stalking around in bear or lion country or riding in a truck with a 375 and an Uzi on the seat to go to the dance hall in town on a Saturday night in the third world. Everything that's much fun has a certain risk, I reckon.

    You ought to go.

  2. Better start putting dollars in that change jar, and when you go better take a camera along so the rest of us can live vicariously and start planning our own Alaska trips.