Sunday, September 27, 2009

Attempted Camp 45 Range Report

I intended to write up a good report on the Camp Carbine today, but had a run of bad luck.

The rear sight leaf was bent when the Marlin arrived, so I ordered a Burris FastFire reflex sight. I'd always wanted to try out a red dot sight. Burris makes several bases, but none of them said they're for the camp carbine. I looked around the SWFA website and noticed that the camp carbine and the Marlin 336, 444, and 1895 use the same Weaver rear bases. So it seemed likely that the Burris FastFire mount for the lever actions would also fit the camp carbine. I ordered one to see.

Anyway, this afternoon I put it all on and tried to sight it in. After a dozen or so shots I noticed one of the screws attaching the sight to the base was missing and the other was loose. I looked a little closer and realized that the screws were only long enough to go through the sight and engage the very first round of thread in the base. That one round wasn't enough and had pulled out under recoil. The base is thick enough for a longer screw, I really don't know why it came with such short ones. most of the threads are still good. If nothing else I can go buy some slightly longer screws and probably be alright, but I sent emails to both SWFA and Burris to see if they'll warranty me a new base with entirely good threads.

After making a short story long, that's my excuse for not having a complete range report. I can at least say that I was happy with the gun and sight for those first dozen shots.

UPDATE: You know, I suppose I could have just used the rear sight that I took off of Mjöllnir. What would be the fun in that though?

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