Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Utopia Town

New York City, a place so great that they allow citizens to pay a city income tax, claims that 1 in 10 of all New Yorkers contacted swine flu last spring. By their own numbers, that's 800,000 infected yankees, out of something more than a million total Americans infected. So between 80 and 40 percent of all swine flu infections in America have been in New York City. Where the Government will take care of you, because they are there to help.

This is also a place where city rulers, in their wisdom, have outlawed guns so that nothing bad can ever happen and nobody can be shot. Because, again, government has only your safety in mind.

Too bad I live where I do, we don't even have a state income tax. And of course nothing good has ever happened here from guns being legal.


  1. Just wait till austin folk move into your peaceful part of the state like they have mine....

    Today at lunch at the meskin place that only gives forks, I tuned up my browning folder (3" blade) waiting on my carne guisada, That's what key fob pocket knife sharpeners are for, right? I knew they weren't gonna give me a knife, you just get a fork and a napkin and their forks are sorta soft so if you try to use the edge of the forks to cut anything tougher than a soft enchilada they bend. You don't get the tenderest meat in the 5 buck lunch special...

    For having a knife and fork in my hand in a restaurant and taking the care for it to be a sharp knife, when I went to drive home I got hit by three LEOs because some fookin hippy faggot asswipe called in that a guy had sharpened his pocket knife while waiting for his meal in rural ******** county TX significantly west of asstoons. I guess I was supposed to be text messaging like everybody else but I don't like to type with my thumb...

    I wish these pukes would move back to asstown and confine themselves to their little hippy faggot enclave and leave us alone. Bro-in-law is a ELECTED constable, local county police firearms instructor is a pal, wasn't anything bad about dealing with the cops, was more or less like talking to them at the range except they had to detain me until they got a radio call that I wasn't a danger to myself or others or whatever...standard procedural bs. All friendly like, but it never should have happened. Sitting on the side of the road for 45 minutes with my dog waiting for them to radio back I was OK before giving me my guns and knives back...

    Texas ain't what it used to be around here since the californians moved in with the tech boom bs. My company (I own half of it) is incorporated in a rural part of the Rockies about as far from the few lame cities in the state as you can get with normal folk like West Texan folk I know in Alpine and Lubbock and Crane and my Montana kinfolk and people that aren't afraid of small pocket knives. Imagine planning to use a knife in an eating house!!!!! THE HORROR!!!!!

    One of these days I'm gonna go up north for business purposes and never come back if it keeps going this way here in Texas. Damn lefties ruined their states and now they're working on mine.

    Deputy said "I'd like to be able to tell you who called so you could go break their nose but unfortunately we aren't allowed to do that. Sorry about having to waste your time and thanks for making it as pain free as possible in both directions. Wasted my time as well as your's. Pricks like this suck all around. See ya at the next practical meetup?"

  2. I'll never understand the mindset of leaving one locale for a better one, and then trying to make the new place just like the old. Thinking about what has happened to parts of Texas is enough to get me down.

  3. I'm taking a detour on my way up to the Rockies later in the month and looking at land around Alpine. It doesn't really matter where I live as far as work purposes but it does matter as far as my peace of mind and I'm not gonna be run out of Texas by idjeets. :-)