Friday, September 4, 2009

Keith's embarrassing revelation

I don't watch much tv, pretty much only if I happen to be someplace where one is on. The tv at my house isn't even hooked up to any sort of outside input. That being said, there is a show that I like. I saw the pilot episode a few years back while staying in a motel room in Odessa, Texas, and have the first three seasons on dvd as a result. The show is Supernatural. Yes, I see the two guys on the dvd cover. Yes, I know it airs on a channel called The CW. I know how it looks, but, no, I'm not a 16 year old girl.

Basically, the show's about two brothers who travel around in a black '67 Impala killing monsters, demons, and ghosts. While listening to classic rock. With an arsenal of weapons in the trunk. And having the last name "Winchester." No, the arsenal isn't as extensive as some, but the cooler of the two brothers carries a 1911. They also have a special Patterson Colt that was built by Ol' Sam Colt himself, who happens to have been a demon hunter.

Did I mention that Ben Edlund is a writer and producer?

Anyway, mock me if you will, but the fourth season is now out on dvd, and I'm about to go pick it up.


  1. I'm not here to mock, "Supernatural" is one of my guilty pleasures too. It's not written and cast for 16 year old girls, haven't you noticed that the demons seem to prefer to possess beautiful young women?

  2. I guess the flip side to that coin, and further proof of your argument, would be the male demons taking over middle aged men.