Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Born in a pair of ramblin' shoes

I heard a song today off of Robert Earl Keen's new album, The Rose Hotel. It was called the "The Man Behind the Drums", and reminded me of "Furnace Fan" and "Out Here in the Middle," but I can't explain exactly how.

I bought Farm Fresh Onions, the album "Furnace Fan" came on the day it came out, but the song never really hit with me until I heard it on the Live at the Ryman album. REK's energy on the live recording finally got me listening to the song and it has stayed near the top of my iPod's most played list ever since. I think this song has the same ability to keep you hanging, waiting to hear what sort of phrase is going to paint the next picture. The one that got my attention and made me listen in this song was "born in a pair of ramblin' shoes."

Anyway, I'll be picking up the album this evening to listen to on a little road trip tomorow.

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