Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Never doubt Brownells

Last night I mentioned being discouraged with Brownells' pricing on black PMAGs. This morning my little blog had a visitor. According to Sitemeter this visitor was from Montezuma, Iowa and was using a Brownells ip address. They first visited right after eight o'clock, then came back around eight thirty and left a comment saying check again, the price had been fixed. I looked, and sure enough, the thirty round PMAG's are all the same price, regardless of color. The black twenty rounder is still a dollar more than the others, but I'm willing to call that an oversight.

I think this is a pretty good example of Brownells looking to their customer's needs. Until yesterday's price discrepancy I had never had anything to say about them that wasn't positive. The one negative thing I ever noticed, they sought out and fixed. And realistically, it's not like I have a lot of readers. There are about five people reading this. It's one thing to fix a problem that, say, Tam or Uncle brings up. The mere fact that they read my complaint tells me that they're out there looking to see what people are saying, and acting on what they find.

On the other hand, I sent emails to both Burris and SWFA Sunday night and haven't heard back from them yet. Should have bought that base from Brownells.


  1. Keith,

    Kudos to you for taking proactive steps to address the issue. Many people wouldn't have let the vendor know they were upset.

    Kudos to Brownell's for address the problem you brought to their attention.

  2. Keith, from that Montezuma address again. Don't know why the pricing guy didn't notice the 20 round, but he just told me he'll check it out. You have my email, holler if you need anything. If you'd have bought "that base" from Brownells you could return it for a full refund if it was wrong. If it was Brownells mistake, we'd have paid for your shipping.

  3. That's really cool Brownells was all over that! Pete Brownell has a great team in Iowa.

  4. Brownell's has gotten very web savvy and is using the gun blogs as the awesome end-user datamine that they are.

    I'm thinking Larry Weeks is the guy to thank for all this.

  5. Brownells gets a LOT of my business, customer service like that makes me happy to give them more money!

  6. Bob- The credit is all on Brownells. I didn't do anything to directly notify them. I just wrote a little discouraged note on my blog since I was already at the computer anyway. Good Ol' Anonymous from Montezuma did a search and found out somebody on the blogospere was unsatisfied with Brownells, and then moved to fix that.

    Anonymous From Montezuma- I thought I could get away with it, little did I know Burris would pack screws that were too short. I'll remember that next time and stick with you guys.

    Michelle- I agree

    Tam- I had noticed their website changes a few moths back, but hadn't realized what else they were using the internet for. It's like a suggestion box, only without the obscene comments and candy wrappers. Unless that's what you happen to be searching for.

  7. Ya outed me, Tam. We (I) try to keep an eye on the blogs and our name on the web. Signed up for Google alerts which found this one, but misses many more. We're on Facebook and Twitter, although I have very little to do with that, but there's a really savvy group of young folks here that understand it all. Pete Brownell is very much an internet guy and is always pushing us to do new things. Heck, his first project when he came back to the company was insist that we have a commerce web site. Smart guy that cares about the industry.