Monday, March 22, 2010


Representative Randy Neugebauer shouted out "it's a baby killer" while Bart "thirty pieces of silver" Stupak was on the house floor the other night. Some people are upset by this. Neugebauer, who is my representative, and who I voted for, has apologized and says he was just trying to represent the people of his district.

Here's a newsflash for yankees and californians. He was representing his district mildly. The fact that the clip can be played unedited on television is proof of that. Most people around here used much stronger words to describe the bill. You can make all the fuss over it that you want, this won't change his chances for re-election. Sure, we've got some commies here who don't like him, but they weren't going to vote for him anyway. The local democratic party was on the news tonight condemning his actions, from what I could tell they held their meeting in a janitor's closet somewhere. Really made them come across as relevant. The people who voted for him before will again. The more you outsiders fuss over it, the more people in West Texas are going to stand behind him.


  1. Representing his district? Congrescritters still do that?

  2. To a certain extent. Neugebauer does it better than most. Most of the people in his district follow republican party guidelines and have occasional bouts of frustration that the republicans are inept, but grumble along with it because they're not quite ready to do anything drastic as long as they don't come west of Dallas. Neugebauer is the political embodiment of that.