Saturday, March 6, 2010

Weekend Menaces

Snakes are dangerous, they could even menace dinosaurs.

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  1. Not looking to stir snakes, but I wandered by cos somebody wandered by my place from here and I'm still with Grant Cunningham if the barrel is still attached to a receiver or a frame.

    ...Both incidents involved guns that (brace yourselves) people thought "were unloaded." The Maryville Police Chief, one Tony Crisp, concludes that people just weren't pretending hard enough:

    "Treat a gun as always being a loaded gun," he said. "Once you cleared it, check it again."

    A more nonsensical statement I cannot imagine! I hope that you will save me the trouble of tearing it apart by seeing for yourself the logic failures therein. How much better it would have been had he taken the opportunity to do some real education by saying something like: "never point a gun - any gun, loaded or unloaded - at anything you're not willing to shoot. Don't let anyone around you do so, either."...


    Rule One is broken out of the gate and always has been, because people take it on a contextual basis, which means they don't HONESTLY treat it like a rule. Not muckraking on purpose, just saw it in yer sidebar and I'm with Mr. C. on this one.

    Boomer Lad