Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Weather

For as long as I can remember, the weather has been a little different pretty much every day. Some years are a little hotter than others. Some years it rains more than others. It may rain a lot in March and not at all in July. We may have a 70 degree day in January and a 20 degree day in April. That's life.

And every year, I hear people talk about how unusual this year as been. It snowed here last night, and I've heard a lot of people act as if that's not supposed to happen once time changes and spring arrives. Bull. I live in West Texas, and it isn't one bit unusual for us to have a snowstorm around Easter. There is some lag time between equinox and temperature change here on Earth.

A few years back we had the wettest year we'd ever had around here, record rainfall and everything. The next year started out as more of the same, and then we went a hundred days without any rainfall. At the height of the dry spell, a lot of people spoke as if the previous year had never happened.

That's how this global warming thing gets by. Everybody wants to believe that "now" is special. They're living now, after all. Guess what, most people can't tell you what they had for lunch last Tuesday. How do you expect them to remember what the clouds did last year?

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